41,50 m2
Flight area
36,50 m2
14,82 m
Flight span
12,65 m
Aspect ratio
Flight aspect ratio
Max. chord
3,43 m
No. of cells
Type and diameter of lines
Dyneema 1.1 / 1.5 Aramid 1.7 / 2.15 mm
Max. line length (B)
8,83 m
Line consumption
542 m
Weight of the glider
9,4 kg
Weight range
140-210 kg
Min.sink rate
Gliding ratio

Glider BIONYX has certification SHV in category BIPLACE

BIONYX follows on from its predecessor "Discovery", on which John Silvester and Alun Hughes made their great Himalayan cross country adventure "From nowhere to the middle of nowhere". The Flying conditions encountered during this journey were a challenging test of the glider's strength and flight characteristics.

The BIONYX has been designed as the tandem glider for both professional and experienced recreational pilots. Its excellent overall performance and direct, comfortable handling make the BIONYX particularly well suited for cross-country flying.

Flight characteristics

Very easy inflation and ground handling
Excellent take-off characteristic
(even in nil wind)
Comfortable handling and climb rate
Low brake pressure
Large speed range
Easy landings
B-stall for emergency descents

Construction characteristics

Partial V-rib technology
Very clear line layout
Split line for comfortable big ears
Risers with trimmers
All of the sewing and stitching is internal