1.5 m2 of pure exhilaration, this kite is an out and out stunt machine designed to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Spins, stalls, fast swooping turns and charging climbs, the 'LD Stunt' is built for out and out aerobatics entertainment.

Flown with either 2 or 4 lines the 'LD Stunt' offers two levels of agility and complexity to the thrill seeking kite flyer.

In 4 line mode the 'LD Stunt' is extremely precise and agile whilst in 2 line mode it is easier to fly and equally quick, but with much simpler handling for younger adrenaline seekers or new comers to kites.

Special Features

  •  Ready to fly in minutes - The 'LD Stunt' comes complete with 4 flying lines and handles already attached.
  •  Flyable with 2 or 4 line control - changes mode quickly and easily
  •  Auto stable profile
  •  Weighs under 500 grams
  •  Supplied with a manual and bag.
  •   Built to the same exacting, millimetre accurate standards as Ozone's certified paragliders.