The Little Devils are Ozone's all-round traction kite.

Designed for all types of traction fun from buggying to snowboarding, skiing to mountain boarding, skate-boarding, roller blading, kite surfing, even riding your granny's wheelchair. Whatever your traction passion, 'Little Devils' produce solid, sturdy, user-friendly power.

The profile is thicker than a lot of conventional kites to provide extra stability in gusty winds or in the hands of the inexperienced. Combined with a hi-tec planform and a low drag line plan the 'Little Devils' are trimmed and tuned to balance performance, stability with handling that is ideal for all types of traction kiting.

All Ozone kites are built to the same standards as our rigorously tested and certified paragliders. This consistent and millimetre accurate construction creates kites that are incredibly tough and keep their shape and factory trim even after prolonged use.

This special blend of parafoil characteristics help make the 'Little Devils' stand out from the crowd.